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Ave a comment comments october 6, 2008 at 9:51 am (1) ashala  : the old level for tsh was. cheap herbal viagra 5 to 5. Most labs have lowered normal levels of tsh to. cheap herbal viagra 3 to 3. canadian generic viagra My daughter and i have found that we both feel best at around 1. Actually 1 or under. viagra pills online If i’m above one i still have symptoms. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid when my tsh was at 6. viagra samples free by mail I had previously been tested and my level was 4. 29 but the lab still was using the old values then which was. 5 to 5. So they didnt treat me. viagra timing It was 2 years and a heart attack that it was at 6 and at that time the lab did use the lower levels. I cant help but wonder if i had been treated years before if i would have avoided the heart problems. September 29, 2010 at 10:29 pm (2) lorancesev   : measurements next measurements october 1, 2010 at 8:26 am (3) natalie vasa  : now that we know the preferred range for good thyroid health is from around. cheap herbal viagra 5 to about 2. 5 or 3. 0, why does this doctor use the very old range for hypothyroid starting at 10? I guess it shows that many in the medical community are not up on the latest recommendations. viagra price shoppers drug mart October 1, 2010 at 3:58 pm (4) heartdisease   : i, unwisely and ineffectively as it turns out, was trying to avoid controversy by using the word “certainly” in that sentence, since about the only thing everyone agrees with is that tsh levels above 10 should be treated. cheapest generic viagra Where the best cutoff is for diagnosing subclinical hypothyroidism constitutes a point of intense and passionate controversy among the experts and also among patients with thyroid disease, and claims for that upper limit varies between 3. buy online viagra 0 and 5. Viagra side effects fatigue 0 miu/l. buy generic viagra usa The study that associated subclinical hypothyroidism with diastolic heart failure used 4. 5 miu/l as a cutoff, but heart failure was most closely associated with values closer to 10. Viagra chi lo ha usato 0. Since my sorry attempt at trying to stay out of the way of this controversy was unsuccessful, i have changed the post in a way that, i hope, is more acceptable to those who have staked out one position or another on the matter. youtube viagra russian October 11, 2010 at 10:17 am (5) susan1946  : ten years ago i asked my pcp about my tsh level which was 5. what does viagra do when women take it He said he did not treat hypothyroidism until it was 7 and in his experience that was enough. Viagra 20 10 A month later i was seeing an endocrinologist for another issue and he said it was his practice to treat once the tsh level was at 3, and i have been on thyroid medication ever since. where is the cheapest place to buy viagra It had multiple side affects, including lessening my arthritis pain and fatigue. I understand the feelings of doctors regarding the issue of patients who come in with medical advise from “dr. pfizer viagra patent expiration canada Google” as my new pcp calls it, but printing out researched articles from reputable websites such as this one will usually get them passed on to the nurse or physician’s assitant to read and make recommendations. Leave a comment leave a comment name* email: (never displayed) * url your comment* line and paragraph breaks are automatic. Some html allowe. buy viagra cheap