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Tors which might increase the chance of someone developing amd: age - older people are more likely to suffer from amd. Family history – amd seems to run in families. viagra canada Specific genes are present in most people who have amd. viagra coupon Smoking – a major risk factor and can increase chances of getting amd. Stopping smoking can reduce the chance of developing amd. Sunlight - intense exposure to sunlight can cause damage to the retina. comprar viagra generico mexico It is advisable to wear sunglasses in strong sunshine. Nutrition – research has shown that some vitamins and minerals can protect against amd. Eating a well-balanced diet, not smoking and protecting eyes from strong sunlight may help to delay the development of amd. What should i do? viagra cost If you think you have any of the symptoms for amd you should make an appointment to see your optician or doctor. best generic viagra online If you have a rapid change in vision you should either see your doctor or go to an accident and emergency department at a hospital. If you already have amd in one eye and start to show signs of amd in the other eye seek medical advice urgently to ensure you begin immediate treatment. Can it be treated? Treatment is available for some cases of wet amd. There are many visual aids available to help cope with sight loss. Photodynamic therapy if wet amd is affecting the middle of the macula, photodynamic therapy can be used. A light sensitive drug is used to identify new blood vessels which are growing in the wrong area behind the retina. cheap generic viagra A laser is then used to activate the drug, which stops the new blood cells from growing and prevents the amd from progressing any further. Anti vascular endothelial growth factor treatment (anti-vegf) anti-vegf treatment can be used for wet amd. The treatment involves an injection into the vitreous jelly in the eye preventing new blood vessels from growing. viagra y jet lag Anti-vegf treatment is most effective when used in the early stages of the condition, as it can stop sight loss from progressing and on occasion can improve sight already lost. Treatment for dry amd there is no known medical treatment for dry amd. viagra soft que es Research has suggested that vitamin supplements can slow down the development or even prevent dry amd. comprar viagra generico mexico Nutrition there are reported benefits of high levels of antioxidants and zinc for slowing macular degeneration and helping eye health. A supplement containing the following may help: nutrients – zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin. Vitamins – a, c and e. Please contact your doctor before taking any supplements. Is there a cure? Unfortunately there is no cure at present for age-related macular degeneration (armd). How will i cope? Adjusting to having amd might be difficult and overwhelming at first as it may involve some changes to your life. Action for blind people is here to support you, to make life easier and to answer any questions you may have about your sight or day-to-day livin. comprar viagra generico mexico