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E brain, including speech and motor centers. (see below for additional information about these techniques. ) our radiation oncologists use intensity-modulated radiation therapy (imrt) and image-guided radiation therapy (igrt) to treat brain tumors. viagra for sale Imrt, which is one of the most advanced and precise radiation treatment techniques, uses radiation beams of varying intensity created to match specific tumor angles and shapes so that the tumor is targeted as precisely and uniformly as possible. viagra cost This helps to reduce the dosage of radiation to healthy tissues and possibly the side effects of treatment. viagra why two bathtubs Another type of radiation therapy used to treat brain tumors is igrt, a sophisticated technique of radiation delivery that uses radiology imaging (x-ray and/or ct scans) taken immediately before treatment to guide radiation with even greater precision. canada drugs online viagra Innovations in chemotherapy at memorial sloan-kettering, our doctors were the first to use chemotherapy for central nervous system lymphomas and oligodendrogliomas, and we continue to be at the forefront of developing therapies for these diseases (1) , (2). Our neuro-oncologists are working to develop a number of new chemotherapy drugs, including targeted therapies (drugs that attack cancer cells specifically without harming normal cells), for these and other forms of brain cancer, like glioblastoma. buy viagra Our surgical expertise our high-tech treatment in the news cnn's sanjay gupta joins mskcc's philip gutin in our unique intraoperative imaging suite watch video » studies underscore the strong correlation between a surgeon's experience and a patient's outcome following surgery. At memorial sloan-kettering, our neurosurgeons operate on more than 600 brain tumors each year. We also offer our patients the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment technologies available. Our surgical expertise combined with these advanced technologies enables us to treat a wide range of tumors with the best treatments currently available. 100 mg generic viagra Intraoperative imaging suite memorial sloan-kettering is one of a few hospitals in the country that has an intraoperative imaging suite equipped with a high-field strength magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scanner in the operating room. viagra why two bathtubs Performing brain surgery in this setting allows the neurosurgeon to reevaluate the tumor with mri during the operation, enhancing precision, improving the degree of tumor removal, and reducing the need for a second surgery. viagra what does it do To learn more, visit our slide show of intraoperative mri. viagra why two bathtubs Frameless stereotaxy frameless stereotaxy, also known as surgical navigation, is used in almost every brain tumor operation at memorial sloan-kettering. viagra canada